Habitat for Humanity - Malawi 

Make a difference with Stout Alumni

August 12-19, 2017

$1,700 + airfare

(Some companies provide discounts or grants, be sure to check with your employeer) 


Why go on an international Habitat for Humanity Build?

 "The people I met changed my life in ways I never imagined!"

– Stella (From Minnesota after going on Builds to El Salvador, Portugal and China)

"It broadens your perspective on the world."

– Andy (From Wisconsin after going on Builds to Argentina, China, and Portugal)

"You do not need any special skills, just a desire to make a difference"

– Teresa (From Virginia after going on a Build to Fiji)


If interested, please email alumni@uwstout.edu for more information



History of Habitat for Humanity Malawi

Habitat for Humanity Malawi was established in 1986 and exists to address poverty housing amongst the orphans and vulnerable children, and low income people through the following program programs:

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Group (OVG),
  • Housing Support Services (Construction Technical Assistance (CTA) in partnership with micro- finance institutions.
  • Water and Sanitation Project (iv)Disaster response, relief and response

To date HFHM has transformed the lives of over 10,000 low income families and OVG in both rural and urban.


Target Group

HFHM targets low income households living on less than $120 per month and Orphan and Vulnerable Group Households who have:

    • Lost one or both parents
    • Child or grandparent headed households
    • Homeless or living in Poverty housing
    • Households Vulnerable to property grabbing
    • Households   with   poor   access   to   health,   property   & psychosocial care.

HFHM Strategic Goal

Our strategic goal is to transform the lives of 16,500 families through sustainable decent shelter by 2018.


HFHM Objectives

To Serve 100 vulnerable group families per year through direct construction: Work with communities and beneficiaries in providing fully subsidized houses, hygiene friendly toilets and complimentary services such as trainings on; HIV/AIDS & Malaria prevention, Property and Inheritance Rights.

To Serve 3,000 families every year through housing support services (HSS): Work in partnership with Housing Microfinance Institutions in providing housing support services i.e. Construction Technical Assistance (CTA).

To Mobilize 400 volunteers per year to raise awareness on poverty housing, fundraise and participate in house construction for vulnerable people.


Malawi Housing Needs

Unsanitary, temporary housing conditions, such as mud floors, thatched roofs, poor ventilation and no windows characterize 78% of houses in Malawi. These houses need constant repair and re-thatching because of the natural materials used.

One of the problems in the rural areas is that grass for thatching is becoming less and less available due to pressure on the land for agricultural use. Many families have sleepless nights during the rainy season due to leaking roofs. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a roof that leaks into a house with a dirt floor and no windows? It creates a very damp and unhealthy atmosphere. Such housing is conducive to the spread of diseases like respiratory and gastro- intestinal infections, particularly among children under five years of age and those with HIV- weakened immune systems.

Further, when parents die the basic security and health afforded by a home are lost due to the interrelated issues of inheritance rights and inability to afford rents or home maintenance.

Houses in which the poor live in the urban areas are slightly better, but often rented, have leaky roofs and are in crowded, unsanitary conditions.

Useful Information

Arrival at the Airport

    • At the airport, the team will be met by an HFH Malawi representative at the arrival terminal. The representative will wear a Habitat T shirt or raise a sign written “Habitat for Humanity” at the arrival terminal. Thereafter the team will be driven to their lodging place.


  • Each GV team participant is responsible for obtaining and paying the cost of his/her on passport and visa if required. The expiration date on the passport must be at least 6 month beyond the date of departure from the host country. It is advisable to plan well in advance if you need a visa. For current information regarding visa matters, visit the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malawi at www.malawi.gov.mw

Health & Travel Advisory

  • Following is a synopsis of information compiled from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Web site (www.cdc.gov/travel and or www.who.int/en). Both sites list much more information than we can include here, so we encourage you to take the time to check them out online.

Required Vaccinations

  • Recommendations/comments can be found on the CDC website listed above.  Discuss your travel plan and personal plan with your health care provider to determine which vaccines you will require.

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