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Honors College, only one of two such colleges in the UW System, offers advanced academic opportunities to complement undergraduate education at UW-Stout. Your support provides opportunities to more than 530 students in the program.

The Honors curriculum is designed to enrich the students’ educational experiences, foster more in-depth learning, and produce creative thinkers and leaders. UW-Stout prides itself in producing highly skilled and marketable graduates; Honors College supplements the career-focused mission of the university by producing graduates who take intellectual risks and lead their peers in solving local and global problems. Honors College raises the academic profile of UW-Stout and helps in the retention of high achieving students and the most talented faculty.

Ways you help the Honors College:


Support a student to travel to NCHC - $1,500 per student
Presenting undergraduate research or creative projects at the National Collegiate Honors Council’s annual conference is an amazing opportunity for students to interact with leaders from around the nation and get valuable feedback and experience.
Group Mountion NCHC
Professional Development for Honors Faculty and Staff - $2,000 per faculty
Honors Faculty are continually researching new ways to enhance student learning. Often this requires travel to conferences and workshops to learn about new methods, cutting edge pedagogies, and undergraduate research practices. Supporting faculty in these endeavors brings back measurable benefits to UW-Stout and its students.
Panel Presentation
Regional field trips for students - $1,500 per trip
Honors College promotes experiential education. We believe in hands-on learning and discovery that takes place beyond the classroom. Our biology classes involve field trips and service learning in natural areas, music courses involve engaged listening at live performances, and art courses involve trips to museums to see great works in person rather than in a textbook.
Guthrie trip
Student Research/Creative Projects - $1,000
Every honors student completes an independent study on a topic of their choice. This is known as the Honors Contract. Past projects range from the building of a photochemical reactor or 3D printer to producing a book on local architectural history to working on a semester long service project in conjunction with a community garden. These projects often require supplies, travel and other costs.
Maria Lewis Book
Annual Speaker Series - $5,000
Honors students are required to read and discuss a common book on a chosen topic every semester as part of the College’s curriculum. Topics include: free speech, aging, sustainable food, economic recession, DNA, and honesty, among others. In conjunction with this colloquium event, we would like to invite experts and authors in these field to lecture.
Endowed Chair of Honors – $60,000 (varies by salary)
Running a quality Honors College requires dedicated faculty time.  Since faculty are housed in other departments rather than in the College, compensating these departments for re-assignments provides dedicated support to honors and ensures the continuity in leadership.
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Thank you for your support to our students.

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