Literature in a Dynamic World

We believe that reading and discussing literature are vital activities that expand our ideas and provide insights into a dynamic and diverse world. Each year, the Literature Committee—part of the Department of English & Philosophy—promotes the value of literary studies and literary culture across the campus community through featured reading events by local and national authors:

Past writers have included

    • Nickolas Butler (Author)  Little Faith (2018 –in partnership with the Chippewa Valley Book Festival)
    • Joyce Ash ( Spring 2019) Internationally recognized poet priginally from Cameroon
    • Julie Schumacher (Spring 2016) First Woman to win  the Thurber Prize in 2015, Author of best-selling academic satires Dear Committee Members and The Shakespeare Requirement
    • Timothy Yu ( Spring 2017) Asian American poet
    • Gretchen Marquette (Poet) May Day (2015)
    • Mike Bazzett (Poet) You Must Remember This (2014)
    • P.S. Duffy (Novelist) The Cartographer of No Man’s Land (2013)
    • Matt Batt (Memoirist) Sugarhouse: Turning the Neighborhood Crack House into Our Home Sweet Home (2012)

Reading Across Campus. We promote a literary text selected by a campus leader through a variety of events, including discussions, lectures, and film screenings. Featured works have included

    • Frankenstein (Shelley) selected through a poll of the campus community
    • Fences (Wilson) selected by Chancellor Robert Meyer
    • Ragtime (Doctorow) selected by Chancellor Robert Meyer
    • Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury) selected by Provost Patrick Guilfoile
    • Dead Souls (Gogol) selected by Dean Maria Alm, Dean of College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Your gift can help provide a modest honorarium to a visiting writer or purchase a copy of a literary text for a student. Thank you for your gift to the Literature Committee.


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